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Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED)

You may already receive SR&ED credits but you deplore that the literature of the file requested by the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) as well as the production of supporting evidence for the work undertaken, are too heavy and/or monopolizes too many internal resources?

Gestiotech can help you as it helps small and medium sized businesses for over 12 years to better structure their applications for SR&ED in order to obtain the maximum refund claimed and faster. Its cheaper rates allow you to benefit from the expertise of experts in the field, dedicated specialists with the objective to give you solid advice on the technological value of your research about the tax credit potential.

Gestiotech allows you to benefit from the know-how of experts in the field, leaving you to continue your research and development activities without the hassle of government paperwork.


Gestiotech offers a collaboration tool for your R&D team. The Gestiotech portal enables research teams to better share the information they need to make decisions and perform their duties.

The portal provides secure access and greatly facilitates the exchange and management of documents. Its familiar interface based on Web and its support of common office software (Microsoft Office), allows an R&D group to work more effectively and improve their productivity.

The portal Gestiotech help you:

Services - SR&ED

Gestiotech offers comprehensive support services for tax credit SR&ED claims. Research credits are available for any business whose product development represents a sustainable competitive advantage while providing technological advancement. Gestiotech helps clients demand beyond $ 8 million annually for over 12 years.

Full support for demand SR&ED (Scientific and tax)

Since its inception, a very high rate of folders that Gestiotech was associated were accepted by the government. The average cost of services provided by Gestiotech equivalent to less than 15% of the amount of credits claimed by its customers (compared to an average of 20% - 25% depending on the industry).

The full service covers:

Writing in the scientific literature for SR&ED

To qualify for the government program, a project must contribute to the advancement of knowledge in science or technology. It must reduce uncertainty in the scientific or technological issues and also include systematic research based on experiments or analyzes performed by competent personnel.

Scientific documentation is required to submit a credit application SR&ED. Relevant information on scientific and technological aspects of the SR&ED project should be subject to a credit application. Technologists of the company often do not have the time or ability required to draw adequate documentation meets the requirements of the government. This can force an audit of the record, require more resources and cause a delay in the process of obtaining credit.

Gestiotech experts involved to complete drafting the documentation required for your application. His expertise and media will help you maximize the amount of your claim.

Logging to build the supporting evidence for SR&ED

The last credit application form SR&ED clearly mentions the importance of preserving evidence (ex.Technical information, records, documentation) to justify the work of scientific research and experimental development (SR&ED) have indeed been executed and deductible expenses were actually incurred. If your SR&ED is selected for a review, you will be asked during the examination to provide the evidence produced during the execution of the research. « Failure to provide relevant evidence in support of the requested work will likely result in the refusal of the work claimed. » Canada Revenue Agency - T-661 Form Guide

Gestiotech offers continuous journaling service mode to build the supporting evidence of your SR&ED work. Its domain experts, with the help of tools provided by Gestiotech, enable you to assemble a record of your R&D activities and to meet the demands of supporting evidence requested by the Revenue Agency.

R&D Management

Over the years working in the field of R&D, Gestiotech has developed effective techniques that can help executives to better structure the management of research projects. Through an approach of "project office" and Portfolio Management, Gestiotech offers innovative tools to better align strategic planning, budgeting and workload.

This approach includes:

Gestiotech is willing to share his knowledge, expertise and know-how when you're ready to improve your R D management.