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Financing of refundable tax credits

This type of funding is specifically for businesses eligible for a SR&ED refundable tax credit and who wish to obtain the expected amount for the fiscal year.

This is a program whereby Investissement Québec provides eligible companies with refundable tax credits for SR&ED (federal and provincial), a loan or a guarantee loan.

This funding is for a minimum of $ 50,000 for the SRED tax credits and $ 20,000 for the other tax credits. This funding may be up to 100% of expected refundable tax credits during a fiscal year. It may also be in the form of a loan guarantee of up to 80% of the net loss.

Certain criteria apply : see Investissement Québec website New Window

Gestiotech support for your funding request

Throughout the process of your application with Investissement Québec, Gestiotech can assist you in obtaining a loan early by preparing complete forms in order to meet the program criteria. The role of Gestiotech will be to facilitate your preparation for the preliminary examination and make sure that your file is well presented.